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Dear Jean,
I remember coming out of the opera together, it was “Cosi fan Tutte” in Aix, and walking in silence under the stars, when you suddenly stopped and said: “what a great opera, but so sad …”
In a similar vein, there are no lies in your art, no falseness, nor cheating, and when looking at how it has constantly evolved, never ceding to the trends of the time, there is one word that comes to mind – fidelity.
I have often said that painting is also a moral, and that a bad painting is a painting that lies.
You have followed the long path of the painter, with its heydays, its tender times, and also – why not – times of fertile confusion.
But beyond such turbulence there was always the same man, the man who had never lied.
I often think of the portrait of your wife “Pussy”, painted in 1920, full of sensitivity, reserve, and interiority: 60 years later we can still see the same passion.
But in these small paintings, so moving, from the end of your life, there is something else - something that only comes to artists who deserve it through time - there is a sort of miracle of lightness, of transparency, with all the intensity carried by pure emotion. And I thought of Mozart again.
Jean Bazaine